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Spanish Language Consulting was founded in 2007 with the purpose of offering professional advice on the authentic and accurate use of Spanish Language. Additionally, the firm offers training workshops on cultural competency as it relates to Spanish speaking communities.


We offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to translating, editing, proofing, and training.

Our Translators are Native Speakers of Spanish AND possess additional academic credentials which attests to their expertise in the subject.

We offer our services to private and public companies, schools, and individuals from all over the world that wish to translate their documents from English-Spanish and/or from Spanish-English or who are interested in offering Occupational Spanish Language/Cultural Competency training to its employees. Recently, we expanded our translating services to include the following languages: Italian, Portuguese, French and Japanese.
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From our clients...

"Maria served as the Spanish Language Consultant for the animated tv series "Nina's World", which Pipeline Studios produced for NBC/Sprout.  "Nina's World" pushed the boundaries in many areas, one in particular was its use of languages, multiculturalism, ethnic authenticity, and particularly the use of Spanish languages and all its associated cultural aspects.  Maria's role was to ensure that each episode's use of Spanish dialog was grammatically correct, was to current & regional standards, and paid particularity close attention to being authentic. She was quick to respond to notes and was happy to offer multiple solutions and alternative ideas that helped keep the production moving along efficiently! We enjoyed working with Maria and look forward to working with her again in the future!"
~Darin Bristow, Producer, Pipeline Studios, Hamilton, Canada

"I have worked with Spanish Language Consulting to help with the development of Spanish marketing materials. They are professional and  they listen to your guidance on the style of translation you are seeking. They understand that translation is an art and not a mechanical task."
~Susana Razo, Client Strategist, Health Educator, Public Relations

"Spanish Language Consulting has translated contract rental documents and forms for Napa Women's Club twice. They are prompt and concerned to do a good job for its clients. I do peruse the translations for my own comfort (earned B.A. in Spanish 40 years ago) and have never found anything but a professional job."
~Roberta J. Goodin, Napa Women's Club, Rental Program Manager

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